How To Use A Face Roller ?

How To Use A Face Roller ?

If you’ve yet to discover the wonderful practice of face rolling, allow us the privilege of making the introduction. Learning how to use a face roller is very easy, but it comes with many benefits to the skin and the layers underneath it, not to mention the soul. 

This relaxing practice helps to stimulate the skin, improve skincare absorption, and promote lymphatic flow for firmer, tighter-look skin. Keep on reading to learn Inotka’s secrets to a fantastic massage with our facial roller. 


How to Use a Face Roller Step-by-Step 

Here’s our guide to using a face roller in a way that optimizes your time but magnifies results! Reach for your face roller whenever you have the time and you think you could use some relaxation.


Step 1: Clean

Start out by cleansing your skin with your favorite gentle face wash to remove the debris and impurities from the day, as well as sunscreen and makeup. Make sure that your facial roller is clean, as well! 

You can also use a clay-based face mask for additional purification. If it’s morning, a splash of cool water can suffice, especially if your skin is dry or sensitive. 

Inotka tip: If your skin feels a little puffy or irritated, you can even put the roller in the freezer for 10 minutes or get in the habit of keeping it in the fridge. 


Step 2: Nourish

Next, nourish your skin with a light serum. Our Bakuchiol Serum is an excellent choice - it’s quick to absorb into the skin, and it’s infused with both Hyaluronic Acid and Bakuchiol to hydrate and renew. 


Step 3: Prep 

Finally, apply a moisturizer that’ll enhance the glide of your Face Roller while also sealing in the beneficial ingredients in your serum. 

If you have an oily or combination skin type, a light lotion like our Sea Buckthorn Moisturizer will work best. Pat the moisturizer on gently rather than rubbing it in and use a little more than you normally would. 

If your skin is dry, you can opt for something richer like our Bakuchiol Night Balm


Step 4: Roll

Now you can start rolling! You can roll over each area of your face as many times as you like, based on how much time you have, where you’re experiencing the most issues, or simply what feels good. Listen to your skin as you go along!  


Bring your face roller against your skin, starting at the bottom of your chin. Then, roll it outwards and upwards along the jawline - this will allow the roller to dislodge lymph fluid buildup more effectively. Bring the roller up a little, and continue rolling in the same direction over your chin and lower half of your face. 


Next, use the roller over the cheeks by rolling it from near the nose outwards. After that, use it in an upward motion over the area above the lips. 


Then, bring the roller between your brows, and roll upwards towards your hairline. Do this over the center of your forehead, and then roll again horizontally from the center of the forehead outwards. 


Finally, use the smaller end of the roller to gently roll around the eyes, working your way from the inner corner outwards. 


Inotka tip: Self-care is holistic. As you massage, take a moment to recite your favorite positive affirmations or work on your mindfulness meditation by focusing on how pleasant the roller feels on your skin. 


Step 5: Bonus Rolling

Facial rolling is excellent but if you have time, consider also rolling along your neck, shoulders, and chest. It can be especially beneficial if you’re feeling stressed or if you have any tight muscles. 


Step 6: Back to Reality

That’s all there is to it! You can apply a little more moisturizer to your skin if you feel like it’s necessary. If it’s daytime, go ahead and apply your sunscreen and makeup.  

Now that your skin is looking calm, clear, and de-puffed, you’re ready to face anything that life could throw at you!  

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