Does the rose quartz roller really work?

Does the rose quartz roller really work?

If you are an avid beauty enthusiast, then you’ve surely heard of facial rolling and crystal face rollers. The excitement around facial rollers has been well earned. After all, a facial roller massage provides an array of physical and emotional benefits. Use of face rollers like our rose quartz roller reduces puffiness in the face, tightens pores, tones and detoxifies the skin and promotes lymphatic drainage, all while relieving your stress and improving your mood. That’s definitely worth being excited about.

The two types of crystal face rollers that have generated the most enthusiasm are the jade face roller and the rose quartz face roller and while there are benefits to both, it will come as no surprise that we love the rose quartz face roller and believe that it is superior to the jade roller in very important and notable ways. 

History of crystals in skincare

Crystals have been used in skincare as far back as the 7th-century and jade was widely used then as it is now. They are beautiful and will certainly look great on your nightstand, vanity or in your medicine cabinet. Using a crystal face roller will provide some noticeable results immediately, but the long-term inclusion of a face roller into your skincare routine will lead to detoxification of the skin and reduction in under-eye circles.

Are jade and rose quartz rollers really different?

The answer is definitely yes. Crystal rollers, regardless of the crystal used, utilise a smooth, hard, surface that allows the user to massage the surface of the skin by rolling the crystal across the surface of the skin. Crystals are perfect for this task because they are dense enough heat will not easily result in cracking. Since crystals are similar in their physical structure, the physical benefits to the skin, such as de-puffing, increased blood circulation, improved skin elasticity, and lymphatic drainage are all the same. However, though the physical benefits to the skin are more or less the same regardless of what crystal face roller you use, there are differences between a rose quartz and jade face roller that are worth exploring. So, let us explore them.

Is rose quartz or jade roller better?

Jade is a naturally cool crystal, a feature that is central to its ability to depuff the face and tighten the pores during the face massage process. 

Benefits of jade crystal

  • Protects from harm and promote health and natural healing
  • Promotes a distinct inner peace as well as a sense of calm
  • Balances the energy 
  • Enhances positivity
  • Blocks negative energy 
  • Clears existing negative thoughts and energy
  • Helps stabilize inner emotions

Similar to the jade crystal rose quartz crystal is also a naturally cool stone. However, jade crystal is adaptive and so will warm on contact with the skin, but rose quartz does not and will not, which makes it better at providing those skin tightening and toning benefits. Jade is also a softer crystal and so wear and tear will take their toll sooner on a jade roller. A rose quartz face roller is, therefore, a better financial investment.

Benefits of rose quartz crystal

  • Builds self-esteem
  • Promotes love of self
  • Soothes heartache
  • Helps heal emotional wounds
  • Promotes inner peace
  • Encourages forgiveness
  • Relieves loneliness
  • Releases repressed hurts
  • Helps you realize the beauty around you
  • Protects and nurtures relationships 

Spiritual benefits of face rollers

The major difference between crystal rollers is their spiritual healing benefits. So, while the physical properties are near identical, when you get to the spiritual benefits, this is where the differences become really obvious. This means that at the end of the day, your choice comes down to what spiritual benefits you are looking to bring in not just your skincare routine, but into your life. 

Spiritual benefits of rose quartz roller

As mentioned earlier, rose quartz is known as the love stone. This means that using a rose quartz face roller is a great way of giving love to your skin. There’s no better way to give your skin. Rose quartz is nourishing, great for balancing energy and calming anger. It contains the minerals iron, magnesium, silica and sodium that get deposited on the skin during use for the benefit of the skin. This sets the rose quartz roller apart from other crystal rollers. A rose quartz roller also has wrinkle-reducing benefits superior to the jade roller. Rose quartz will help you strengthen the love between yourself and others, but will also help you love yourself. It also helps to foster forgiveness and understanding in relationships so that trust and harmony can thrive. 

Cleaning your rose quartz roller 

Cleaning your roller is simple and easy.

After each use

Wipe your roller a clean cloth or wipe. 

For a deeper clean

Wash with soap and warm water as you would clean any other beauty tool. Dry metal parts thoroughly to prevent rust.

For a spiritual clean

Salt is considered cleansing and will draw negative energies from your roller so they aren’t re-deposited onto the skin. You can wash your roller with saltwater or place your roller in a bowl of salt overnight.

Most companies also advise leaving the crystal in the moonlight for the night to recharge its energy.


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