The future does not yet exist. The past is a memory. All of our power is in this moment, here and now. It’s tangible, it’s happening, and it’s beautiful.

At Inotka, we don’t just create beauty products. We create treatments and solutions that allow you to take this present moment and dedicate it to something nourishing, and awakening.

When you pause throughout your day to give yourself a touch-up, or spare a moment to get your blood flowing, or take some time to soothe and smooth your edges, you’re not only connecting with the moment, you’re connecting with yourself. These little moments we ritualize every day may seem small, but their impact is big.

Our ancestors knew it centuries ago. The more we connect with ourselves, here and now, the more we soak in our life. And we bring this enduring wisdom into everything we create.

So what are you going to do with this moment? Fill it with something you enjoy? Something hydrating? Energizing? Replenishing? Every passing minute is another chance to immerse yourself in something good. Whether it’s for your skin or your soul, just make sure you soak it in.


Inotka. This beautiful moment.