So Chill Right Now

Ice Roller - Face Ice Roller

So Chill Right Now

Ice Roller - Face Ice Roller



The Ice Roller creates the ultimate skin-soothing experience, by combining the relaxing benefits of a facial roller massage with the intense calming ability of cryotherapy








Sink into the moment

Feeling stressed? Give your skin the ultimate chill pill - a luxurious Ice Roller massage that soothes redness, enhances product absorption, and tightens your skin.

When your skin is at its most sensitive, cryotherapy provides exceptional relief. Rapid cooling reduces redness and helps you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to face the day.

Cold temperatures have a constricting effect, which reduces pore visibility, helps minimize the look of breakouts, and gives a brighter, more even skin tone - it’s your real-life Instagram filter.

Ice-cold massage can undo the morning puffiness that often follows wild nights and takeout dinners. The gentle pressure addresses fluid retention, to give your skin instant firmness and a more contoured look.

This Ice Roller is large enough for the body, as well. Use it to massage the neck and shoulders when they’re feeling particularly sore or tight, for a touch relief.

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How To Use

Splash your skin with a bit of cool water, and dry it gently.

Pull your Ice Roller out of the freezer.

With upward motions and just a hint of pressure, roll it gently over your skin.

Spend more time rolling over areas where you’re feeling a little more stressed or puffy.

Once you finish rolling, follow it up with the Inotka Bakuchiol Serum and the rest of your daytime skincare routine.


Make sure to always start with clean skin!


Dispense half a dropper’s worth of serum in the palm of your hand.


Gently press it in your skin, and massage lightly until it’s fully absorbed.


Follow it up with richer creams like our Sea Buckthorn Moisturizer or our Bakuchiol Night Balm to seal in all of that goodness.


Use it twice a day, morning and night.


May be used in conjunction with a Gua Sha or Rose Quartz Roller massage.


How should I care for the Ice Roller?

Keep your Ice Roller clean and dry. After using it, wash it with warm water and soap. Dry it completely, and place it back in the freezer so it’ll be ready for your next cryofacial. A few times a month, you can wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol to disinfect it.

Are Ice Rollers the same as Facial Rollers?

An Ice Roller is a type of facial roller that’s just extra-cold. It combines the benefits of face rolling and cryotherapy, for a treatment that’s especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. It offers visible depuffing and pore-minimizing action, and it’s instantly refreshing in the morning. 

The Rose Quartz Face Roller is smaller, allowing for a more targeted massage that stimulates the skin and enhances product penetration. It’s an excellent choice for all skin types, and especially for addressing undereye puffiness. 

How often should I use the Ice Roller?

Ice Rolling has immediate benefits. If you wish, you can use it on a daily basis. You can also keep it on hand as an emergency remedy for when you’re feeling unusually puffy, irritated, or fatigued.