Vegan Dry Brush Set
Vegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush SetVegan Dry Brush Set

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All the benefits of dry brushing, without any irritation! 

Each part of your body is different, so how can you use one body scrub brush all over? 

Most dry brushing body brushes are rough, especially on chest or face. They can hurt or cause rashes and irritation. 

We developed a vegan face and body brush set with 3 hypoallergenic brushes, so you can customize your wellness ritual to each part of your skin! It includes:  

  1. Firm Body Brush: Say goodbye to rough skin and ingrown hairs! 

This natural bristle brush is the ideal body exfoliating brush. It’s made with agave, to scrub away rough dead skin buildup. It’s also a great anti-cellulite brush that renews skin by stimulating circulation. Use this dry brush for cellulite and lymphatic drainage from legs, backside, and wherever you need a firm touch. 

  1. Soft Body Brush: The perfect sensitive & dry skin body brush!

Made with soft bristles, it exfoliates gently without irritating. It encourages lymphatic drainage to eliminate swelling from the belly, and stimulates blood flow which reduces signs of aging from the chest, neck, and décolletage. Use it anywhere where a regular body dry brush is too harsh!

  1. Soft Face Brush: Your face deserves dry brushing too!

This face exfoliating brush unclogs pores to prevent breakouts and leaves the face glowy and ready for moisturizer. It’s small enough for precise & effective lymphatic drainage from the face, which reduces puffiness, clarifies skin tone, and relaxes the muscles to firm up the skin. 

  1. Extender Handle: For the hard to reach spots! 

With the extender handle, you won’t have to contort yourself into strange positions or give up on dry brushing your back altogether. It’s perfectly customized for the dry brush heads, so it stays in place securely without ever loosening or falling off while you use it. 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Dry Brushing 

Many of the dry brushes out on the market are made of boar bristles, but we didn’t harm any of our animal friends when designing this set.